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Our Mission


Every kid deserves a best friend. Every kid wants to fit in. Often children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities find themselves out of the social loop. Dolls, to any child, offer companionship. To a kid with Downs or another disability, a doll can offer so much more.

These dolls are going to be approx. 18" tall with changeable clothing that stresses occupational therapy skills such as zippers, velcro, buttons, ties and snaps.

We are busy designing durable medical equipment, such as walkers, braces and feeding tubes.

Our hope is to help each child grow in independence, confidence and joy.

Please help make this dream come true! Let's help bless these kids back!

Our beautiful sculpt is in the finishing phase. Our launch date is MAY 1, 2013!!
Please help us to meet this goal and make this dream a reality by pre-ordering your doll now!