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Real Life Functionality

Functionality for Real Life


Details on the accessories and uses for Occupational and Play Therapy to come but here is a preview of what we have in production so far:

Our focus is on

* eye hand coordination
* fine motor skill development and refinement
* tactile input
* visual motor development
* bilateral coordination
* sensory integration
* positive reinforcement through play

Our doll clothes will be cut a little "friendlier" in size so that a child can dress the dolls with less frustration.

Specially designed clothing to address sensory integration issues with varied textures.

All high quality vinyl construction allowing water play.

Great accessories such as leg braces, wheel chairs, feeding tubes, trach tubes and speech devices.

Ties, buckles and buttons that are not over sized and clunky, and not too small and difficult, but rather conventional sizes that people use in everyday functioning.